Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I will be arriving in Las Vegas at 6pm local time on Wednesday.

StB informed me that the band formerly known as Metal Shop, now Metal Skool, will be playing the Hard Rock Thursday night. I will be there. "What chicken?"

I've missed the last two blogger gatherings and am looking forward to this one for a few reasons. One, I'll get to meet some bloggers I've read for a while but never met - Waffles, Hoy, MiamiDon, Carmen, and others. Secondly, it seems that the gathering is down in size, which for whatever reason appeals to me too.

Of course, I'll get to see the hard working folks in action. Dr. Pauly, Otis, CC, Jason, MeanGene, Change100, and everyone else fettered to the Rio during waking hours. Luckily, I've seen Otis play Pai Gow in his sleep, so we'll get to hang out then.

Rumors are circulating that a Vegas Procedure may be in order. I am ruling out Friday and Saturday for that since, as Al says, that's amateur night.

I'm not sure what I'll play or where I'll play it, but if I had to guess, the NL games at the MGM would be a likely candidate. I'd also eventually like to check out the Venetian and maybe head downtown with Falstaff to a Binions tournament.

I'm spending my last two nights in G-Vegas at home, missing out on The Depot and Gaelic Games. Avoiding any bankroll decimating nights prior to my trip is good karma. As is allowing miniBlood to dominate me at Wii Bowling. (He just missed a perfect game the other night, scoring a 299 with 11 strikes in a row.)

I'm coming back home on Monday so I can avoid the Sunday crowds at the airport. Also, I've had a few people doublecheck my reservations. I'm pretty sure the return flight is June 11th. I'm pretty sure it's in 2007 too. But don't be surprised if I manage to screw that up somehow.

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