Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Cure

For every ailment, there is a cure.

Over the course of last two weeks, I implemented a new strategy to playing 6-max NL online. It potentially over-emphasizes position, but it was experimental. And it worked. I was finding that I was winning at a crazy rate, more than likely it was unsustainable. I posted 14 consecutive winning sessions for about 10-12 buy-ins. The only times I was losing was to cold decks and bad beats. But still the frequency with which those happened was small enough such that my stylistic changes more than compensated.

The ailment was winning.

The cure was moving up in stakes.

I took the same style to the new level. With the new level came better players whose re-raising range from out of position was much larger than those of the level previous. Still, I thought that my new style change would compensate.

It would have. Except the fact that the cold deck and bad beat frequency rose with the level change. Nice way to undo all I did.


The general malaise plaguing my last post was an ailment. The cure was getting the family back in town and getting back to the gym. As much as I love (am addicted to) poker, I will quit it before I ever quit hitting the gym. Nothing beats a good work out for me.


The scarcity of home games in G-Vegas was ailing the community. The cure is hosting a low stakes Saturday night festival of donkey poker. There will be much drinking. And some of the old guard is coming out to play.


FYI: I hate the Cure. The band anyway.

...."Show me, show me, show me".....GUNSHOT

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