Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life Is Rigged

I think we all know how dangerous it is to either post or make mention of a nice run of winning sessions in poker. You're just inviting disaster. Well, the same holds true in real life as well.

Last week I did a small dance in the office because I had just made some final payments on items that cropped up unexpectedly during the year. It began in January, the day before my trip to Tunica. I got a phone call - "Hey, the washer's broken." "Hey, buy a new one," I replied. So the Mrs. did. If Lowe's is going to offer you a no interest loan, I figure I'll take it. Still $500+ is not something I just have lying around the house. Well, I kind of do, but I'm sure as shit not dipping into poker money for house related items. Fuck that noise.

The washer was life's first salvo in the battle against me saving any real world money this year.

Next up came my wife's minivan 30,000 service call. Hey, sweet, another $500. Poof gone. Not long after, March's car tax bill showed up in the mail. Cool, I don't need $700. Oh, by the way, our termite contract with the exterminator company expired and they need to re-do their magic under the house. Awesome! Because $600 is burning holes in my pocket.

Let's not even mention that last year's 10th anniversary present to my wife took one year to pay for. Damn her for liking diamonds! Damn her!

Last thing was our mid-July vacation. St. Augustine, Florida isn't cheap when you're eating out every night. While worth it, it pained me to receive the credit card bill for the trip.

So when I clicked send on the final payment for just about everything I was nearly ecstatic. I was going to free up close to $500 a month, not to mention the Mrs. going back to work in August meant some unaccounted for income. It was like I was rolling in dough.

But. As I said. Life is rigged.

Not thirty minutes after the last payment was sent, our dryer broke. That's just great. Back to Lowe's, and back to 0% interest.

It took a while, maybe a couple of days, but I got over it. I wasn't going to let life tilt me too much.

Then this morning happened. I pulled into my work's parking lot and bottomed out going over one of the speed bumps. WTF? Of course, flat front left tire. And on and on it goes.

Anybody want to wager what's next? It's gotta be my TV next. Gotta be.


There's some iPod meme going on where you post the first line or two of the first 20 songs your iPod plays on shuffle. Here's mine.

1. I've found tricks. That I use when I know that I've been beat.
2. Never again. On your forcefed illusions to choke.
3. Drones since the dawn of time. Compelled to live your sheltered lives.
4. Coming down the mountain. One of many children. (A gimme for everyone)
5. Born with eyes. But they are not to see.
6. Takers of humanity, elders paranoid.
Down south soldier,Third world soldier. My vengeance will be swift and terrible.
You gotta be crazy, you gotta have a real need. (A gimme for G-Rob)
9. White coats to bind me, out of control. I live alone inside my mind. (A gimme for Al, StB)
10. By the last breath of the fourth winds blow. Better raise your ears.
11. I will bid farewell, sever the ties.
12. As I aim for that bright white day. Conflict serum is my aura. (One of my all time favorites)
13. A play on words, or words on play. Last chapter, verse in the final act.
Empty and sweating. Head lying in your hands.
15. Wallow in darkness. And ever lasting pain.
You're workin in bars, ridin in cars. Never gonna give it for free.
17. So, so you think you can tell Heaven from Hell.
18. Divine queen of evil. Sowing her seeds of hate.
19. Every man will ask the questions. And every man will suffer blame and loss.
20. Hate is on the march. Hence the kiss of death.

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