Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hey I Brought A Laptop

Random quick updates since it's 1:33 AM local time and the Mrs and I just had to order room service because we haven't eaten in over 9 hours. It's no wonder why I lose weight in Vegas. Forgetting to eat FTW!

Met up with Uncle Ted Friday night.
At the Excalibur Sherwood Forest Bar.
It had to be there.
I dropped $100 at video poker. The Mrs. dropped $20. She's better.

Played drunken Pai Gow at the Excalibur because it was lower limit heaven for us.
The Mrs. lost $5.
I lost $200. Because my last $100 bet pulled a Q-hi Pai Gow.
The Mrs. is better than me.


Woke up way too early and had a way too expensive bagel.

Was OK with waking up because the Mrs. wanted to play poker. Say no more.

We sat at the same 1/2NL table. I lost $14. She lost $116. I'm better. But not by much.

Met the Armbrusters's at Planet Hollywood for lunch. He's a GucciGame regular. Lunch was superb, great company, great food, great drinks. Tony the Tiger approved.

Walked back to MGM realizing we hadn't won shit all vacation. Figured we'd change it up.

Blackjack. Because Bobby Bracelet plays it.

I won $150. The Mrs. won $100. Felt good.

Cabbed it to Treasure Island for Mystere. First Cirque show. Really was fantastic and worth the money. Had some popcorn, thinking that might be dinner. It was.

Convinced the Mrs. to play the 10pm Treasure Island tournament for $65. She busted. Odd tournament. They limit it to 2 tables, 20 players. But wait. Alternates too. No rebuys, but re-starts are allowed in the 1st hour if no more alternates are waiting.

I won some hands. Pushed a couple of times and didn't get called. Flopped the nuts once. Never got AA, but got KK twice.

Final table.

Only 4 pay though.

Got 6-handed and I doubled up a guy just so I could get short-stacked and make my decisions easier. Well, that wasn't really my reason. It was because I felt pot committed after raising with KQ.

Pushed when needed to.

5-handed, shortest stack open pushes. I wake up with AJ suited. Monster. We all know that.

I over push.

Folds around.

He shows ATo. Not a monster. But it's the Gooch. Six people know what that means.

I'm ready to bubble.

But this is live, not online. I flop an Ace. Brick, brick. In the money!

Stacks even - 4-way chop suggested. I don't mess with karma and agree.

$324 which I'll happily take.

But where'd the Mrs. go?


To play more blackjack.

Great. (sarcasm)

"How you doing?"

"I'm up $200!"

Great. (no sarcasm)

Ship it holla!


Jim The Knife said...

Sounds like you're having a fantastic birthday trip....
Keep it going and love to Mrs. B

Maudie said...

Happy Birthday again, old man.

Not to brag... oh hell, of course to brag - that TI tourney was my first and only live tourney win back in December.


Anonymous said...

I consider this to be fun.

Please continue having the "fun".

Report back on your progress.


Unknown said...


Happy Birthday!!!

StB said...

Nice to see you allow Derek to do a guest post.

Anonymous said...

Too bad to hear about your video poker experience. The game is one of my favorites, maybe your wife can give you some tips : ) Hope you had a good birthday!