Monday, April 14, 2008

Returning the Favor

It had been quite a while since my last (and only) visit to casa de Falstaff. Two weekends ago, he and his crew made the trek down to G-Vegas and collectively crushed the tournament and cash games. Word on the street was that Bobby Bracelet was hanging near Charlotte, NC for the weekend and would be a guest of honor at their weekly poker game. That was all the motivation I needed to drive up there for an evening; that, and to take back a little bit of G-Vegas pride from those pesky North Carolinians.

I arrived a bit early and found the afore-linked duo playing some Chinese poker. I joined in and promptly lost 4 points in about 4 deals. With the exception of the first hand, it was as if I were playing Pai Gow. I show 9-hi, Q-hi and a low flush. Yay.

SpecialK would join us as would Jimmy The Knife.

No need to bore you with poker hands, it was a night of fun. My pocket Aces did actually hold up both times, once against Q-hi and once against A-hi. I run goot.

The worst part? Unequivocally, the drive back to G-Vegas from 2am to 3:30am. If I didn't have such allergies to cat hair, I'd have crashed there. But still, it was absolutely worth it, especially with the Bracelet's attendance. Word on the street is that he may be moving to the Charlotte area, so future renditions of Saturday night are sure to occur.

Would G-Vegas ever recover from a visit from the Bracelet? We hope to find out soon.


The Bracelet said...

Funny how a tough guy like yourself can become virtually incapacitated by pussy.

Without the aid of Benadryl, that is.

It was a pleasure watching you get aces every 4 hands. At least that's how I remember things.

I look forward to more home games and my total domination of the G-Vegas scene. I will rape the villages and pillage the women.

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Anonymous said...
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