Friday, April 11, 2008

Tower of Piza

I'm on such life tilt that I can't even think straight.

Some days at work are non-stop I-need-help-from-you-fests. Granted, I'm responsible for many things and many people here at Imaginary Company. But some days, when it's a barrage of questions directed to me by people from all over the world with no break in between, I become slightly peeved. There are times I get up from my chair to go to the bathroom only to come back to more I-need-help-from-you emails, phone messages and the best of them all, instant messages. Because people need help from me NOW. Not later. But now.

Yesterday when the work day ended, I drove my rental car (yes, rental car) to the Honda dealership to pick up our mini-van. It needed a new alternator and some fluids replaced. Hell, I need some fluids replaced right now. Or at least lovingly extracted. Or not even so lovingly.

Where was I?

Oh yes. On I-need-your-help tilt.

I finally get home and relieve my mother-in-law from babysitting duties while the Mrs. is at class. No time to unwind there - the kids need help with dinner. Then they need help with homework. And after that they need help getting snacks before bedtime.

So finally, FINALLY, TheBlood sits down to a couple of SNG's on the poker machine in a what will become very futile attempt to forget all about the previous 12 hours.

It doesn't work.

MrsBlood gets home and immediately asks for help getting pictures off the digital camera onto her laptop. All the while, I'm 2-tabling with headphones on trying my best to escape into the world of calm and relaxation. Right after I told her I was on I-need-your-help-tilt. But guess what?

Cue Shannon Sharpe: "It don't matter!"

Well, hellfire. Some days, my needs don't matter one single bit. Sure I yelled, and sure I was a jerk (aren't we always dear readers who happen to be husbands?), but I HELPED everyone who needed it yesterday.

Beyond my normal capacity to withstand aggravation, I left the house and drove to my favorite dealer's choice Thursday night donkey game.

Wherein I got my Aces cracked two hands in a row by the same player.

I need help.


Anonymous said...

Normally I'd recommend jerking off while choking yourself. There's a fancy medical name for this, but I don't remember it. LOL!

I haven't done it since it got my uncle real good.

He was in a coma for Thanksgiving AND Christmas, and now he can't move his entire left side.

That's when you know he's bluffing though, when he tries to reach for his chips, but can't because he's paralyzed in that arm.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

How can one leave a comment after poker champ?

Predator314 said...

Sounds like my world. What is it about a computer that turns the average person into retard? Then when they screw something up, they need it fixed RIGHT NOW and no they can't wait on the people in front of them.

TheTrooper97 said...

Hey, can you help me out?

Unknown said...

Man, didn't I just write this post? And didn't you comment on it and tell me things get easier? THe loss of my down time is the single hardest thing about having kids. As I said. I can totally relate. But you knew that. Hang, Blood, hang!

Unknown said...

The Masters, Headphones, Adult drink.

Even the wife calmly explained to the wake-up-before-they-were-supposed-to kids that daddy needed downtime.

Of course this was after an entire weekend of "I need help".

Long live PokerChamp.