Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Let me say this: I had a great time Saturday and was excited to see everyone who could make it. The North Carolina contingent showed up in full force and even though Jim the Knife took me out of my own tournament, it was still worth every second.

We had 21 players Saturday and thanks to a very surprising and generous gesture, I would be free-rolling my own tournament. Otis had managed to gather up enough scratch from everyone else to fund my buy-in. Thanks to TheMark, a few two-dollar bills from G-Vegas' primary exotic establishment found their way into the prize pool. Not that I needed any additional motivation to win, but there it was.

My tournament performance, however, was just a matter of bad timing. I flopped the nuts once early and didn't get paid. I flopped a set later, but someone flopped a higher set. Only a 4-straight on board saved me my remaining chips. Finally, with an M of near 3, I pushed my big blind with ATo. The aforementioned Jim called after he had limped with JTs. Based on previous tourneys with Jim, I knew I stood no chance. Thankfully, just like he did at Caesar's last winter, he took my chips to a money finish. So I feel I contributed in some small way.

Good 'ole Shep was there and brought a signature 4 ft. sandwich. Some folks brought some wine, but most importantly, many others brought some vodka. I believe I'm covered for the rest of the year after Otis, GucciRick, and B-roc all supplied me with plenty of Grey Goose and Kettle One.

I managed to win in the subsequent cash game, a .25/.50 affair with Falstaff's absolute kick-ass, envy-inducing, ASM hourglass mold Black Sands chipset. However, in order to continue to have fun with a kid-less house, I had to fund Mrs_Blood's poker experience for the day. That didn't go so well, but as Shannon Sharpe likes to say with his mouth full of marbles, "It don't matter!"

I was having too much fun.

So much so, that I didn't want anybody to leave. But sadly, the NC crew had to drive back, which must not have been too bad since Falstaff and Jim took 1st/2nd in the tourney and their buddy Brian did well in the cash game. We tried to keep going 6-handed with Me, Mrs_Blood, TheMark, MrsAllIn, GucciRick and Otis; but after a brutal set over set hand destroyed the mood, we all felt it was time to pack it in.

I really can't say thank you enough to everyone, you guys made my Saturday one of the best days I've had in a while. We'll have to do it again.



Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Jim The Knife is better than Gucci Rick's name....can we get something like...Rick, The N.C. Chainsaw Massacre?

Anonymous said...

thanks again for the invite! I had a great time and anxiously await the next large gathering..

I hope your upcoming bday trip goes very well!

Anonymous said...

The other players at the cash game were playing .50/1.00. I remember because TheMark loves him some $2 button straddle. Happy birthday Badblood.

Jim The Knife said...

What a grand time we all had.
Thought you'd enjoy the story of my nick name. When my wife and I were in the dating stage, a close friend of hers said: "you're dating an Italian from Chicago? "
"Who is he... Jimmy the Knife?"
I only shortened it to Jim because Jimmy, etc. was too long for most computer programs.
Best to Mrs. Blood...hope to see you soon.