Monday, June 09, 2008


Didn't do much blogging after Otis and G-Rob came over on Saturday. But just to recap, here's what went down.

First, we played Pai Gow to determine who would pay for the cab ride downtown. Even though we were at my house, with three automobiles at our disposal, our plans dictated that we cab it FROM my house due to, well, due to not really being able to drive.

Otis had a bad run at Pai Gow. He'd be stuck early.

Then we played Chinese poker for $1 a point and quickly got bored, requiring us to up the stakes to $5 per point. G-Rob crushed that game. We also gambled on the Belmont. Otis coerced G-Rob into a $10 bet at 1:6 on Big Brown. G-Rob didn't read CJ's post about the race after his original pick, Casino Drive, was scratched. Ship $60 to Otis.

The only thing I won money at was the music prop bets. Here's how it works. We flipped on Arena Rock on the digital cable. We each pick one band and one song from that band. If your band gets played first, it's a $5 payoff from the other two. If you get the song right, it doubles to $10.

I nailed it for Winger and then Zeppelin when we switched to classic rock. But I finished down for the day because I mis-dealt Chinese which was a 2 pt. penalty. Who knew counting to 13 would be so difficult.

Otis brought 4 lbs of porterhouse which we dusted off pretty quickly. I helped Otis and T finish their steaks, which may have meant I downed 32 oz. of steak by myself. I think I could have gone more. For some reason, steak-ingestion doesn't register with my "I think I'm full" feedback loop. Give me about 3 or 4 hours and I may have been able to eat all four pounds.

Beef. It's what's for dinner.

Then T drove us downtown because he was sober. At least I thought so until he pulled out of my subdivision and then nearly ran head on into an oncoming car. I was in the back seat with Otis and I think G-Rob's girth would have probably saved me from major damage as he occupied the passenger seat in front of me.

We made it safely, and drank anew at Meat Heads, wherein G-Rob and I defended our "2nd best beer pong team in G-Vegas" title against his morning co-host and her date. I nailed 4 cups including the last 2 to seal the deal.

We migrated to Connolly's and drank some more before losing steam. We finally took a cab home and that was all she wrote.

Sunday, I did nothing besides eat, watch TV, and lose all four 4:1 favorite pre-flop situations playing online poker.

I didn't think I'd miss the wife and kids until Wednesday. I was wrong.


Unknown said...

Add beer pong and guitar hero to the list of games to play Saturday.

I feel lucky.

BamBam said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me. (good thinking on putting G-Hair in the front seat!)

Beer pong is something you and I may just need to discuss in the future. I see mucho success in our next get together, if beer and pong can be put together with BB & BB! said...

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