Saturday, June 07, 2008

Plans for the Day

7:00 AM - Wake up.
7:30 AM - Wish the wife and kids a great week away. Have house to myself.
8:00 AM - Make eggs, toast and coffee. Eat breakfast and watch DVR'd episode of Inside MMA. Dream about being Bas Rutten and executing a nice liver punch.
9:00 AM - Shower
9:30 AM - Log in for some poker. House is empty. I should do well.
10:45 AM - 20th of 78 remaining in a HORSE tourney. Top 16 pay.
11:30 AM - out in 40-something. RAZZ is officially on my hate list. Good gravy.
12:30 - Off to the gym because poker annoys me. Should do well? Ha.
3:00 - PM Workout complete. Arms huge. Protein shake ingested.
3:26 - PM G-Rob, en route, Otis soon to follow. With meat.
...updates to come...


The Bracelet said...

No masturbatory breaks yet?

You are getting old, aren't you?

I'm not married with kids, but I've got to assume that with nobody in the house for the day I'd be Kimbo Slicing the crap out of my junk all day long.

SNG, Hentai, SNG, Midget, SNG, ...

Otis said...

Speaking of meat, I just bought more than $70 worth.

Clear the runway.

foopz said...

they used your saying "kimbo slicing" on a tv show called NCIS