Thursday, July 24, 2008

Three Weeks of the Suck

I've been kind of MIA, in the online sense. I'm pretty sure this has been the longest I've gone between blog posts and generally speaking, it's been for a reason. Life at work took a turn. Busy? Yes. Sucky? Yes. In fact, the last you heard from me was via Blackberry updates from Vegas, a trip I've not yet even chronicled. When I returned home from that trip, things just got so incredibly messy. I've worked for my company for 18 years and I've never been so busy wading through a clusterfuck so large in my entire life.

Will things die down? I sure as shit hope so.

July's poker has been just as bad. Is it related to everything else going on? It would be hard to say no.

I thought yesterday was going to be the last straw. I had a meeting with my direct superior to talk about how poorly one of my managed projects was received by the user base. My wife called me mid-morning in tears because she lost, YES LOST, her last month's paycheck somehow. I went home and promptly lost online playing 2-7 triple draw, which is at least a fun game for me to play and learn right now.

Mentally, I'm exhausted. That exhaustion translated directly to me physically, and after a while I felt just absolutely wiped out. I was approaching my limitations in enduring what was going on around me. So much so that I checked Expedia for one-way tickets to Brazil. Well, not really, I could never leave the wife and kids. But still, a far simpler life awaits me somewhere. Most likely, somewhen. When I retire and the kids are out of the house, I plan on relaxing like no man has ever relaxed before.

Until then, I'll update when I can and dodge bullets when I can't.


Unknown said...

Drop down in limits for a while if you're losing. I had to do that when I had the twins and was glad for it. Of course the two are related. But good to have you back. Sorry your life is one big fat suck right now.

BamBam said...

Breathe fellow BB.


All this too, shall pass.

Take care man and great to hear from you.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Move to Canada.

Also, tell your wife to have her boss cut a new check.

Do some roids...they help you calm down I hear.

Triple draw...not a good game to relax to.