Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mis-Click, Here I Come

6 weeks. Minimum. Surgery was offered to me for screws, but I turned it down. It would only have made me wear a smaller cast and would not have accelerated the healing process. Come Bash time, I will probably drink myself into a non-recoverable state.


Irritable Male Syndrome said...

Oooooh. [cringe]

Bill said...

That purple is the same color as the brides maid dresses at my wedding.

oossuuu754 said...

I know this may sound wierd but your lucky your fractured wrist was bad enough to show up on Xray. I hairlined fractured my carpal bone 20 years ago and the Dr thought it was just sprained, no cast needed, time went by and fracture didnt heal correctly and to this day it still bothers me and there isnt a dam thing they can do now.

Easycure said...

That was one expensive prop bet loss. jeebus.

Get better, Blood.

One positive note! You are soon going to be very proficient, uh, doing things, with your left hand. Nothing wrong with being versatile.

Heather said...

But just look at how the cast has to widen and show off the GUNZ!

Uncle Ted said...

You are a shining example for mini-bloods! :)

Get better soon.

KenP said...

It was a one-armed, one-horned flying purple people eater.

BamBam said...

Was anyone else out there expecting a slightly different looking cast?

Like say Oooooooooooh.... I don't know. Black & White with a skull that has fire or snakes coming out of it's eyes and/or mouth?

Just sayin'


Anonymous said...

The right hand?

Man, that sucks. Wiping lefty just doesn't work for me.

Unknown said...

Take note that getting Chocolate TastyKakes from the WAWA only require one hand.

Get well soon.

Anonymous said...

It is really panic, but you will be recovered soon with our wishes.

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