Friday, October 03, 2008


I recently took a look back over my posting history and came to the obvious conclusion that I don't post as much as I used to.  There are a lot of reasons for it, most of them can simply be called excuses:  busy at work, busy at home, not much new to say.

I'll always remember when DoubleAs decided to stop giving away strategy tips (for free no less) on his blog because it was simply a -EV decision.  Why tell your opponents how you play and why you do what you do?  Not that I'll ever be as good a player as he, but right about now I can totally understand how he felt.

I've been playing PLO online pretty much exclusively for the past month.  Nothing outlandish, but for me, a 10,000 hand month is pretty significant.  I'm learning the game, figuring out some obvious strategy and trying to find the subtle tactics that aren't obvious to most players.  And, I'm seeing a lot of mistakes.  Live, Monday night's at Gucci Rick's eventually migrate to PLO8 and I see some of the same trends.

Playing so much of this new game has spawned several ideas that under previous circumstances would be fit for a post.  But the combination of me being too lazy and me not wanting to teach my opponents to become better players has often times left me with a blank blogger text box.

So you get posts and pictures about me breaking my wrist.  Oh, and whining about it too, don't forget that.  Perhaps I only do that on Twitter, but still, I enjoy a good session of complaining.


Random bits and pieces:

I still consider myself the defending champion of Saturday's With Dr. Pauly even though I didn't win last week.  I didn't play, so I haven't lost.  This weekend will be tough since my hometown is having an Oktoberfest.

Speaking of my wrist, my cast came off yesterday.  I almost didn't come back to work.  Due to the advice of my Dr. and Dr. Chako, I still can't put compression stress through the joint, but I'll find ways to work out anyway.  "Oh right hand, how I've missed you...."

And last, but most certainly not least, a pic of a present I received at The Bash.  Fellow BB, thanks again.  This should soon be appearing on a televised final table sometime within the next 20 years.


BamBam said...

Now that I see it on cards, I think it'll bring a whole new meaning to your C-bets!

fold-fold-fold, and BadBlood drags another pot!


Riggstad said...


Oh thats right! Arm wrestling is more Torsion!

I winced watching you do that... but you have my admiration and respect for doing so.

Hard core man. Hard friggin core!

Anonymous said...

See the skull on the table fold, fold, & then run. lol.

DrChako said...

"Other" right handed activities should be do-able now that the cast is off (but you should still avoid the bench).


Unknown said...

The Omaholic society welcomes you with open arms.

Unknown said...

Agreed on ATR. I also like the new Trivium. And the new Metallica I LOVE. But I've already said that.

TheTrooper97 said...

Blood, I'm with you on the strategy thing, I've said it before. I've learned more secrets since I've moved here that i just dont think i should be spouting out for free. to certain people, like yourself, i'd say them, but not just printing them for any ol' donk to read.

BTW, Opeth crushed my balls.