Monday, December 08, 2008


I was eleven years old. It wasn't long after Christmas and I had asked my dad to play a game of baseball on my brand new Atari 5200. He agreed. We fired up the game and I soundly trounced his ass 12-0. He quit in the third inning when he couldn't figure out how to prevent me from stealing bases at will. For the life of me, I couldn't understand why he couldn't stop me nor why he got so frustrated. My dad left my room in a huff while I finished the game up against the computer opponent who replaced him.


I have a PS3. I mainly use it for the Blu-Ray player, but have a couple of sports games too. Saturday I played my eight year old son in a game of Madden. I took the Pats, he took the Colts. Tom Brady threw 4 interceptions and miniBlood won the game 17-14.

He talked trash.

He did dances.

And I felt just like my dad did nearly 30 years earlier.


I hate to admit it, let alone say it. My mental reflexes have diminished. I no longer possess the ability to rapidly process streams of visual data and make the proper decisions based on them.

Can you guess where such a skill might be valuable?

How about multi-tabling online poker.

I've made the decision that I'm just not as skillful any longer (if I ever were) at multi-tabling.


I felt the need to multi-table just so I could get in enough hands. Based on research, and a careful perusal through the 2+2 forums, it seemed that tens of thousands of hands were required to be played each month just to determine what your win-rate might be. Oh yeah, don't forget about IronMan or SuperNova quests either.

Four-tabling turbo sit 'n go's has been profitable for me. But goddamn if it didn't seem like an incredible grind. There was simply no fun in that. If poking my eyes with a hot iron was profitable, I'd still opt out.

Multi-tabling cash games, while more fun, was an exercise in frustration. After careful consideration, I've determined that it's beyond my mental abilities at my advanced age. It's no coincidence that the professional multi-tablers are in their late-teens to mid-twenties.


So I'm back to one table. Early prognosis is that I'm performing better. But again, small sample, low confidence.

We can debate for hours if online poker is the same game as its B&M counterpart. I maintain that it can be if you want it to be. But it can also be something else. It can be a video game, a challenge of reflex and response. For some people, the latter is most profitable. But for me, those years are long gone.

Sigh. Age. Pass the laxitives.


Pokerwolf said...

Also remember that MiniBlood has nothing else to do but play videogames while us older guys have to go to our jobs and stuff.

If we had the free time to play games as often as our kids, we'd be tougher opponents.

See you in four days!

BigPirate said...

I treat it too much as a video game. I don't think it is any coincidence my best online results have come at True Poker where the action is the most "life like."

joxum said...
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joxum said...

I sense that a "happy birthday" is in order here...

DrChako said...

I'm already half-way through my second can of Metamucil...


Oh yeah, you can bite me with the "I'm old" crap. Sheesh.

Poker Jones said...

I have enough trouble one-tabling online. Good chatting with you during the PLO tournament.

Anonymous said...

Multi-tabling is a huge grind and I'm thinking of giving it up myself after 4 straight years of it. Or at least taking a very long break. Besides the pale pallor, creaky bones, and tons of takeout, what do you think are other cons to this kind of work? One obvious benefit is being able to hang out with your children, whenever. I look forward to when I'll have that opp....

Ian (Best Rakeback Deals) said...

Lol @ 1 tabling. Minimum of 8 for me but up to 12.