Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I rarely stick to them, but each Vegas trip I make a set of plans for myself that I'd like to at least try to do. Here are some of them and their odds of success:

1. Thursday upon my arrival, play some 1/2 NL at MGM. (85%)
2. Later on Thursday, play PLO on the Electronic Poker tables at Excalibur. (75%)
3. Friday night dinner with some good company. (100%)
4.* Friday at midnight hike to Green Valley Ranch for some Steel Panther (100%)
5. Saturday at noon-ish Procedure PhaseOne launch at some video poker bar (100%)
6. Blogger tourney at 3pm at Venetian aka Procedure PhaseThree (100%)
7. Saturday night re-visit to the Palm's Casino for button pressing and dealer abuse (70%)

Somewhere in there is a wedding, but I haven't seen the official details yet. Also, I owe some people a skillet at Denny's, not sure when that'll be, perhaps during an unlisted activity from above that would be item 5.5.

Sushi would be nice to include sometime, but that shouldn't be too hard.

I am traveling solo it appears, the lone G-Vegas representative. That is diminishing my excitement levels just a tad, but sadly, there are things outside of my control.

See y'all soon.

* Who besides me, TheTrooper97, StB, and PokerPeaker are in for this? Leave a comment if you want in on the roll call.


DrChako said...

Sign me up!


Anonymous said...

Might not be a bad idea.
BTW, where are you staying?
Get my cell from Otis and have him give me yours.


Pokerwolf said...

I'm hitting town on Friday afternoon and I'm probably not making the trek to see Steel Panther.

But, I *am* staying at the MGM and I *am* very interested in having sushi.

I'll give you a call and touch base on Friday when I hit the ground running.

Pokerguys said...



Shrike said...

Very intrigued.

Drop me an e-mail, sir.


Unknown said...

Well, I will give you a call Thursday when I get in cause that's my plans too at the MGM and I think StB's plans as well.

I'm looking forward to meeting Dr. Chako!

Unknown said...

Arm Wrestling rematch?

goooooood girl said...

i like your blog......