Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Interlude - A Poker Hand

Warning: What you about to real is real and unedited. When you are finished reading the following poker hand recap, you will feel dumber for having done so. The names are changed to protect the innocent, the donkeys and the raging tilters.

The game is 1/2 NL with a $300 max buy-in. The game has been going several hours and there are multiple buy-ins on the table. A "rock" is in play, a forced $5 straddle under the gun. The table is 9 handed.

The pre-flop action. Player 1 limps for $5. Player 2 raises to $25. Player 3 calls. Player 4 calls. Player 5, on the button, raises to $105. Player 6, the $5 straddle calls. Player 1, the limper, calls. Player 2, 3, and 4, the initial raiser and two callers also call.

$630 in the pot. Preflop. Two complete buy-ins. Nobody in the hand has a pot-sized bet left.

The flop comes 458, rainbow. Five checks and we're back to the button. He bets $300.

Straddler, Player 6 folds A5 suited. Limper, Player 1, folds unknown cards. Initial raiser, Player 2, folds pocket tens. Player 3 check-raises all in for $450 claiming, "I'll gamble." Player 4 reluctantly folds top pair, unknown kicker. Player 5, facing a $150 raise into a $1350 pot calls with an unimproved AJo.

I'll let you pause, and perhaps re-read the action, because I haven't even got to the good part yet.


OK. Player 3, says, I just have top pair and flips up Jack of spades.........



...... and the 3 of spades?????

"Oh no....I mis-read my hand," he said.

Player 5 has him crushed. The board is 458 rainbow and Player 3 is drawing to 3 outs. He can't even draw to runner-runner flush. A 6,7 can get a chop, but that's about it. It's an epic mis-read.

Player 5, perhaps being gracious, perhaps being risk-averse, offers Player 3 a chance to run it twice. Player 3, now realizing what bad shape he's in, immediately agrees.

First run: Turn 3, river brick.
Second run: Turn 3, river brick.

Player 3 scoops a $1500 pot.

This hand officially breaks the record for dumbest $1500 poker hand of all time.


DrChako said...

I can beat that!

Oh wait. No I can't.


Unknown said...

Is this a cleverly disguised bad beat story? You so totally owe me $1.

Fuel55 said...

i want into this game immediately

Sean G said...

I think my head is going to explode trying to think of who played this the worst. It'd almost be easier to think of who played this the best... or even to pick out ONE action that was proper.

OK, I can think of two proper actions. 1: The blinds were posted. 2: TT open/raised.

OK, head explosion averted.

StB said...

why did you fold the tens?

BadBlood said...

For the record, I folded preflop UTG+1.

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Vera said...

what a bunch of idiots-but that's what ya want when you're playing. You just have to survive their stupidity and avoid the suckouts. I think the guy with the tens is the biggest idiot. His preflop raise is good but to call that size reraise then friggin check on that flop and fold for that amount is ludicrous. I'm shoving that flop, I mean come'on what do you think the button reraised you with, 67? 44? 55? 88? You got too much invested and the pot is too big to fold and ya should have thought of that when you just called the reraise, either fold pre or reraise all in pre depending on your read of opponent. If he's a rock then fold if he's a lagtard then shove.

Unknown said...

Prop bet potential: have people guess which one is G-Rob.

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Cubanlinks said...

BB, I don't get the part of about Player 5 letting him "run it twice". How does that every work in player 5's favor?

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theboylaz said...

By running twice he slightly reduces his risk of a heavily loss because its far less likely that the other guy will hit a 3 twice than just once.

He also though reduces his chances of winning big because the other guy has two chances to hit a 3 instead of one.