Friday, October 09, 2009

Stupid Blog Post




Because it's about the game known as PLO.

Here's what I've learned in about 50,000 hands.


That's about it.

Thought I knew what I was doing, I really did. Started off slow, losing about 3 buy-ins. Went on a 25 buy-in uptick, give or take, in about 10,000 hands. Next 10,000 hands or so, lost 20 buy-ins.

I'm still up.

But I'm pretty sure that when you get it in with the nuts and lose so often, well, I all can say is, "Head, meet wall."



AmyC said...

I once flopped top quads in PLO and lost -- to a runner, runner gutshot jack-high straight flush. I was suicidal for a month.

God I love that game.

BamBam said...

Funny thing is, I think I feel the exact same way about Hold'EM.

Well except in my case, it's more like mouse meet wall.


Anonymous said...

My PLO experience:

Goto war pre-flop with A's or any 4 card high straight.

Two pair is death.

Only draw to the nuts on the flop.

Always raise with the nuts.

If you hit a back-door draw, it's OK to raise the non-nuts in an unraised pot, but only on the river.

Two pair is death.

Play between 4pm - 7pm EST to catch the drunk euro-donks.

Two pair is death.

Only play with people in other countries.

Never play with a table with people from 2 of the same country (collusion abounds)


-JP from Philly