Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Metal Wednesday?

Wrong day. No Steel Foot. Whatever.

Ozzy has a new guitarist if you hadn't heard. You may not even care. Normally, I wouldn't either. However, occasionally, sometimes an odd mix of talent will infuse some life into an otherwise stagnant artist. To wit - Marty Friedman joining Megadeth. Rust in Peace was that which resulted and to this day stands out as Megadeth's best album to date. In my opinion of course.

So I'm hoping that replacing Zakk Wylde with Gus G. will do the same thing for Ozzy. Who is Gus G? He's a shredder for sure, but he's one of my favorites. Formerly of Nightrage, who are NOT disbanded, he's now lead guitarist for Firewind. Here's a vid showcasing some of his chops. I like it, you may or may not. \m/


Wes said...

The first single sounds pretty good.

BamBam said...

Here's hoping!

Unknown said...

Dude you need a Metal Wednesday every hump day. I love Firewind!