Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Four by Four

"Four by four by four by four!" "By four!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BI5o8cJfOG4

Today is Tuesday, but because much of this happened yesterday, it's still a Metal Monday.
I got an email yesterday from a certain blogger who cc'd another certain blogger. If you threw StB into the mix, you might begin to figure out what the 3 of those guys had in common and why they'd be emailing me.

In short, I'm going. www.facebook.com/TheBig4

This concert will fill a void I've been missing, namely seeing Anthrax in concert. I saw Metallica 3 times in 1988, Megadeth once in 1987, and Slayer once in 2002. As I told those guys, I'm super excited to hang out with them in a non-gambling environment. I spend each blogger gathering locked at a poker table and missing out on the interaction between friends. Even though I tell myself not to do that each year, I fail. At least for this trip, that won't happen.

Besides, how can you take my taste in music seriously if I told you the last 3 concerts I saw were Phish, Phish, and Phish?


BamBam said...

Had my career not taken a rather interesting twist of late, I'd have figured out a way to make it happen myself.

Please ensure that my vicarious living through a fellow BB, makes me feel like I was there.

Have fun!

Irish Lee said...
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Irish Lee said...
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Irish Lee said...

I also love the band metallica, and I wonder if they had another concert across the country, If that happens I will spend a time just for them, because the last time they when here I was not able to attend the said concert for some reasons. Maybe watching also with my casino games friends will be a good idea, then playing after the concert.