Thursday, January 06, 2011

Gambling Tales Podcast

Hello folks.

Just in case you weren't aware (I never know how many of my readers don't follow other bloggers, so you may already know about this), the fine folks over at the Gambling Tales Podcast ( are putting together a freeroll over on Full Tilt Poker (bonus code BADBLOOD, ship it!).

The tournaments are Thursday's at 9pm EST, and there is a free $50 up for grabs. How do you sign up? Well, you'll need a password. What is the password? Well, I could easily give it to you, but I'm going to simply ask you to listen to the podcast and find out. It's entertaining and their two hosts, Falstaff and SpecialK, are good friends who certainly deserve some additional listeners.

You can listen to the show directly on or subscribe to it in iTunes. Maybe I'll see you there tonight.

I don't always play in freeroll tournaments, but when I do, I play in the Gambling Tales Podcast Freeroll. Stay thirsty my friends.

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