Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Metal on Metal

Not sure why, but I'm a huge fan of metal cover songs. Don't get me started on what pop songs I feel could be covered well by an uptempo thrash sound. Occasionally, I'll find a cover song of a classic old metal song done up right. Here's one:

Original - Love Bites - Judas Priest

Newer - Love Bites - Nevermore (Warrel Dane crushes at the 4:45 mark)


BamBam said...

Although I won't "get you started" here and now, this is a discussion I can say I REALLY look forward to in the future.


Unknown said...

We have something to talk about for a whole day in Vegas after the half marathon!

I want to see a power metal band do "Live Wire." How awesome would THAT be?

In This Moment did a great "Call Me" last year.