Monday, November 15, 2004

The Good 'Ole Bad Beat Post

When does 5 for 5 get you 0 for 5? As I type this, it just became 0 for 6.

Six times I've put people all-in post flop and six times I've been the favorite to win the hand.

I won ZERO times. That'd be a goose egg. Nada. Squat. Bupkus. The last time, the fucker typed "hahaha" in the chatbox. In person, he'd be spitting out some chicklets and I'd be in handcuffs, but smiling.

Someone please prevent that from happening in Vegas, k? K. The bad beats I mean.


So after my crushings, a certain Mr. Carter came by and sat down for, oh I'd say, 20 minutes. The guy dominated, going from $25 to $117. He busted the guy twice who laughed at outdrawing me. That was fun to watch. Carter played well, but there were hands where people just handed over the cash with such poor bluffs that it wasn't even a challenge for him. Spend my money wisely. :)

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